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Supreme Kai's student Chapter 2
Both Kibito and Gohan entered the ring.
"You are an interesting person."
"Wait, you can talk?"
"Well of course I can talk but like to observe things more. Get ready." Kibito said as he started to attack Gohan. Gohan started to match blow by blow of his opponents' attacks.
"What the heck is this guy?" Krillin said.
"He looks interesting and yet from the three fighters, Shen, Hiro and Kibito, they look like they have been trained in similar regiments but can't tell whose the leader of the group. Either they answer to someone or one of the three is the leader." Vegeta said.
"You have no idea big brother." Tarble thought with a grin on his face.
"What you think of Gohan?" Supreme Kai thought telepathically to Tarble.
"Goku said that his son was angry over the damages that was done to Videl earlier. Very much that it's similar to my own anger but something tells me that there is something wrong with this tournament and we have to prepare for the worst if it comes. I know that Kibito was you
:icongamedemonking:GameDemonKing 1 3
Dragon Ball Z Supreme Kai's student Chapter 1
The night of Planet Vegeta's destruction
Another sayian pod aside from the others that already taken flight before Freiza destroyed Planet Vegeta was heading into the depths of space and as it went on its course, the ship was pulled by the gravity force of a nearby planet.
As the ship crashed to the ground, it was stopped by a green aura.
"How interesting, a ship that was about to explode on impact." Supreme Kai said as he used his powers to set the ship down.
It wasn't long until he ripped open the ship and be in shock as he saw a young sayian. Not to long after, Supreme Kai's bodyguard Kibito saw the young man.
"A sayian huh. Seems that we find the oddest of people here. The fact the person is still breathing is a good sign."
"Yes Kibito and also that the child has a soothing aura makes him a kind person, which is hard to find in sayians these days. Let's train this child and he will go far in surpassing anyone. When we see him deem ready then he will surprise all of them." Supreme K
:icongamedemonking:GameDemonKing 3 3
The Flash Velocity The Flash of Earth 2 part 2
"You're Tommy's doppelganger?" Oliver asked.
"Yes and I heard it from Cisco on what happened to Tommy. Sorry about that, I really am. It's very ironic that we had to meet now rather than never considering that what I went through."
"Explain." Felicity said.
"It was about a year ago, I had saved a group of people from a gas leak on a bus but by the time I gotten them out, it was too late as I was nearly killed by the gas leak. It was a few moments before my death when the particle accelerator explosion from my Earth happened and the shockwaves from that had struck my body, thus giving me the powers of the speedforce and also that I regenerated my body in perfect condition. My father, Mayor Slade Wilson of Starling City after I told him about my powers. He was amazed and he decided to send me to The Hood for training."
"Wait, if Oliver died, then who was The Hood in your Earth?" Thea asked.
"Robert Queen, Oliver's father. You see you died Oliver when you boarded the Queen's Gambit and th
:icongamedemonking:GameDemonKing 0 0
The Flash Velocity The Flash of Earth 2 part 1
Last time on The Flash and Arrow
"No, please stay with me Tommy. I'm so sorry." Tommy dies from impalement
"I have failed my own city and because of that, Tommy died."
"Welcome to Earth 2."
"Take a good look Flash. Because this will be the last thing you will ever see."
"What shall we call this new brave world you have whipped for us. I was thinking Flashpoint."
"Hello Flash, I'm the Flash of Earth 2, Lucifer Wilson."
"In every moment of your life, you are given a chance to meet people and if you trust in someone then after a while, they will place trust in you."
3 years ago on Earth 1
As the particle accelerator explosion occurred, a brute of a man that had short black hair was at the power plant as he was working on the electrical towers as then the shockwaves from the explosion thrusted him to the towers, shocking him to death.
"No!!!!!!!!!" The man said as he was being fried by the electricity but very soon his eyes were glowing as he then appears to take the pain. In the matter of
:icongamedemonking:GameDemonKing 0 0
The Flash Velocity Magneta part 3
"So this is the result of Flashpoint, isn't it Barry?" Wells said as he pointed at Frankie's picture.
"Okay, I don't have to be reminded of that already." Barry said.
"You must have really found a way of angering a lot of people Barry." Lucifer said.
"Okay could we use something to find some leads?" Iris asked.
"Yes, her stepfather had some abusive problems in the past." Catlin said.
"Thanks, I can investigate him at the hospital, hopefully find a solution."
Later on, Iris and the hospital was going to be attacked by Magenta.
Lucifer and Barry raced to the top of the hospital where Magenta had the boat on top of the hospital.
"Okay, any ideas Lucifer."
"You both have to do a figure 8 formation Barry and Lucifer." Harry said.
"Well, that we can do. Come on Barry." Lucifer said as Barry nodded and they started to do a figure 8 formation.
"Guys, it's not enough." Cisco said.
"Cisco's right. Jesse you need to go."
"Are you sure dad?"
"Yes, now Run, Jesse, Run." Barry said as Jesse raced to
:icongamedemonking:GameDemonKing 1 0
The Flash Velocity Magneta part 2
"So how did you get your powers?" Barry asked.
"Well I give you the fast one. I saved a group of people on a bus that was set to explode from a gas leak and was a burning walking corpse that had a few seconds left to live when thunderbolts laced with the particle accelerator explosion strike me down. It was after a few months that my body regenerated with the speedforce, turning me into the Flash or as I call myself Velocity. In addition, I gain a lot of other abilities such as super strength and increased intelligence."
"Very sick threads Velocity." Cisco said.
"Okay so now what the hell do you call this world Earth 4, 66, the Saw Earth?" Lucifer asked.
"It's still Earth 1 but it's called Flashpoint due to the new altered timeline. Why did you call it the Saw Earth?" Barry asked.
"Cause that the Saw movies is like a parallel Earth." Lucifer said.
"Okay enough with the jokes Lucifer. I need help with her." Wells said as he pointed to her.
"That wasn't on me dad and you know that." Jess
:icongamedemonking:GameDemonKing 0 0
The Flash Velocity Magneta part 1
A few months later, Barry and the gang has settled (A few weeks after Flashpoint occurred) when they found out that the portal has been breached.
"Okay tell me why did you call me? I was busy with a date with Iris."
"Because we wouldn't called you if the breach wasn't opening." Cisco said as he had his gun pointed at the portal.
"Something is coming guys." Wally said as the group was prepared when they saw Wells and Lucifer come out.
"Hey Barry."
"Harry." Barry said in a relief.
"Okay, just who is this guy- wait Velocity?"
"Hey Cisco." Lucifer said as he shaked his hand. "Been a while. Things have changed for the better well for me anyways.
"Okay, could anyone tell me who's this guy?" Barry asked.
"So you must be the Flash of this Earth. I was a bit curious on if you were the real deal and also I can sense your speedforce." Lucifer said as he had a nearly identical version of Barry's suit but on the arms they were blue with a blue and red mask that Lucifer has taken off and put it on h
:icongamedemonking:GameDemonKing 0 0
The Flash Velocity: A new destiny
The next day, Lucifer woke up and went to Wells' lab.
"Well good morning Lucifer. Did you sleep well."
"Sure did. I need to use your phone so that I can call my dad."
"Phone's right over there." Wells said as Lucifer went over and called his dad.
Jay came over the lab and saw Lucifer using the phone.
"Whom Lucifer is calling?"
"His father.
"Hello?" Slade asked.
"Hey dad."
"Son, where are you it has been months, are you okay?"
"Yes, I'm all right, I was captured by that Zoom character."
"Did he try to kill you?"
"Well I did get my ass kicked for not thinking straight. Look, I'm sorry for storming out."
"No, I should be the one to apologize. You were right for one thing. I did lose my way and I let the importance of the city get to me when I should have been there for my friends. Rest assured, I had a talk to Robert and he's cleared of all charges because it turns out the people he brought in they were committing crimes."
"That's good to hear."
"Wait a moment, Robert wants to talk to you
:icongamedemonking:GameDemonKing 0 0
The Flash Velocity: The Return
Back on Earth 2 Jay, Wells, Jesse and Lucifer arrived back at Wells' Lab.
"We're back home." Wells said.
"It's good to be back. Oh yeah, sorry about the jokes old man. It's just that I couldn't resist it. Dad always says that it could get me killed someday. But with Zoom gone, that's one less bad guy down." Lucifer said.
"Name's Jay Garrick and you're dad's right. That could kill you and how did you kept yourself so long from Zoom. I mean that as he said that he have killed all speedsters from this world." Jay asked.
"It was a complicated thing. I thank my dad being the mayor he was able to not leak to the world on my powers. You see it happened on that day where your particle accelerator explosion occurred. Which by the way Dr. Wells as it's an honor to meet you." Lucifer said as he then punched him.
"What the hell man?! Benefit Central City my ass. This was the worst experiment that the world has experienced and who knows worse things that could be creeping around anywhere for the ma
:icongamedemonking:GameDemonKing 0 0
The Flash Velocity
Summary: Takes place at the end of Welcome to Earth 2 part 1. Barry was captured by Zoom. Aside from The Man in the Iron Mask, there is another prisoner trapped as well.
"Take a good look Flash. Because this will be the last thing you will ever see." Zoom said to Barry after he captured him and trapped him in his prison.
Zoom leaves, leaving Barry to look at his surroundings. He sees a person on his right that has an Iron Mask.
"Well, looks like we have another prisoner aside from the Leo copycat." A voice said as Barry saw a man that has a green and red helmet along with a blue and red cloak. The man seems to be in his mid teens. In addition his arms is locked in a cage. Finally he was wearing an archer uniform in addition to his attire.
"Leo copycat?"
"You know the movie The Man in the Iron Mask. Leonardo Dicaprio plays-"
"Okay I get it, I saw the movie as well."
"Fine, fine. Name's Lucifer Wilson." Lucifer said.
"So why are you here?"
"Can't say and also that I don't want to get my
:icongamedemonking:GameDemonKing 1 0
Robin's new tamerian life chapter 1
Summary: After an attack that swaps Robin and Starfire bodies, they soon love it.
After an alien attack that zapped Starfire and Robin, the team quickly taken them to the tower's medbay where they were resting.
Starfire soon woke up from the attack and looked at her reflection.
"Well, last time I remembered that we were beating down an alien but he then blasted us with a beam." Starfire said as she was grinning. "Oh well looks like Robin will soon wake up." With that cue, Robin woke up and then saw his reflection.
"No, no, no. I swapped with Robin." Starfire in Robin's body said.
"Bingo. It's a shame that we woke up in other's bodies but look at the bright side. We can be boyfriend and girlfriend. Not only that but with this lucious body I can kick ass in your name." Robin said in Starfire's body.
"Oh, well we should learn each other's memories so that nobody except for Raven maybe would learn the truth. Starfire said.
"Oh yeah and besides you can focus on being a hero more. Perhaps I
:icongamedemonking:GameDemonKing 4 0
Mature content
Akame ga Kill A new reality Chapter 1 :icongamedemonking:GameDemonKing 2 9
Mature content
Ashley's adventure at Cerulean Gym (preview) :icongamedemonking:GameDemonKing 4 0
Mature content
Trinity Other End :icongamedemonking:GameDemonKing 7 2
Wild Pancakes by GameDemonKing Wild Pancakes :icongamedemonking:GameDemonKing 0 0 Steam banner 4 by GameDemonKing Steam banner 4 :icongamedemonking:GameDemonKing 0 0


Sissy on Top by BigKahuna69
Mature content
Sissy on Top :iconbigkahuna69:BigKahuna69 27 2
Snuggle - Draw Everything June II (day 17) by Yrya-chan Snuggle - Draw Everything June II (day 17) :iconyrya-chan:Yrya-chan 12 0 Emily TG by Nice-ass91 Emily TG :iconnice-ass91:Nice-ass91 42 3 Commission - Manga crossover Page 01 by psyclopathe Commission - Manga crossover Page 01 :iconpsyclopathe:psyclopathe 18 9 Thicc Impmon by wsache2020
Mature content
Thicc Impmon :iconwsache2020:wsache2020 352 35
Opachan and  Sunchan by dPannkaka Opachan and Sunchan :icondpannkaka:dPannkaka 38 0 To viewer-san. (Body Expantion Commission) by Gwyndolin115 To viewer-san. (Body Expantion Commission) :icongwyndolin115:Gwyndolin115 31 1
Matt tg 5

*a day later *
"That was a thing"*matt would stretch*
"thank god its Saturday now i can go outside time to find my clothes"*he goes to his closet*
"hmm maybe this "*he grabs a shirt and shorts*
*he puts the clothes on*
"ALLRIGHT!"*he slips over the hair gel*
"god darnit"
*his bodyhair would go into him*
"ow"*his clothes would become a white dress and he would have a hat appear on his head*
"hmm?"*his voice becayse feminie and a bow grows from the dress and his socks grew to black knee socks*
*his penis would go inwards and traded in for bb cup breasts *
"HEHE"*his attitude because bubbly*
*his eyes change into a lighter blue color his skin becomes smother and his hair becomes a bit long*
"Im Rena now"
:iconkaiou12:Kaiou12 8 0
Red like roses pjs (tg part 6)

*that night matt  would be back to normal*
"Jeez that was embrassing"
*he yawns and stretches*
"Jeez im tired might as well change into my pjs "*he turns on rwby and grabs his pjs*
"well i can fall asleep watching rwby"
*he lays down and falls asleep*
"zzz"*a rose falls on him*
"hm?"*his hair would change to a black and red color and his eyes would become silver and he would shrink by a foot*
"what"*his body hair and penis goes inwards*
"Gwah!"*his pjs change to a beowulf tanktop rose patterned pants and his skin becomes smoother*
"W-What"*his chest expands to cc cups*
*his voice becomes feminine and he would no longer be male but female and she would be ruby*
"im ruby now"*he fall asleep*
rwby belongs to rtand monty oum
"keep moving forward"-monty oum 1981-2015
:iconkaiou12:Kaiou12 12 0
Love Addict by Elishia-chan
Mature content
Love Addict :iconelishia-chan:Elishia-chan 5 0
PATREON REQUEST//Even demons enjoy summer by Shadako26 PATREON REQUEST//Even demons enjoy summer :iconshadako26:Shadako26 261 13 Sudden Furrification by Escafa Sudden Furrification :iconescafa:Escafa 129 13
Wingless Chapter 1: Evelyn I
Evelyn I
The door smashes open with the anger of the intruders who barge into my room. I can feel the wall rattle from the force of wood smashing against the wood, and the floor rumbles from the intruders’ heavy boots storming in.
I do not dare to peek out of my closet. These intruders want blood, and they are not going to spill mine.
“Where’s the girl?” Something crashes in my room. From the shattering glass permeating the crash, I am going to assume it is the sculpture of a tiger Muriel gave me for my birthday last year. It is all I can do to keep my anger contained and not burst out of the closet.
Yet I know I am hopeless against these intruders. Even though I am a Level Five, and they are Level Fours, my healing magic will never hurt them. You cannot heal a person to death. At most I could constrain them, but that would come at great risk to myself.
“The princess ain’t here,” says a gruff voice.
“She has to be! I saw her run in
:iconmeliran:Meliran 14 6
Mature content
NaruHina married life :iconbondagewriter:bondagewriter 56 17
The anniversary part 1
  It was now a year since Ino and Sakura had tried and failed to make Sakura and Naruto get together. After Ino had taken over Hinata's body with Shintenshin no Jutsu and tied up Naruto in order to make him dislike her, he had found her and told her the shocking truth that he was actually interested in bondage. Better yet, Hinata was into it too, and from that day they had been boyfriend and girlfriend. And their dates would often end in Hinata getting tied up in some way. After all, she was submissive by nature, but only when Naruto was doing the tying.
  Today was the one year anniversary of their relationship, and Hinata was going to make sure Naruto would get a good surprise. He was currently on his way back from escorting the feudal lord. After all, the lord wanted an escort nothing short of a hero. She had already prepared one surprise, but the main one was still to be ready.
  She was at Naruto's place, waiting for him to get home. He had given her
:iconbondagewriter:bondagewriter 75 6
Mature content
Tsunade's Harem Part 1 :icondeviantmaster222:deviantmaster222 78 12


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